April 20, 2020

Conspiracy and Manipulation: from Hollywood films to fake news

Conspiracy and Manipulation: from Hollywood films to Fake News​


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From 9/11 Truthers to Anti-Vaxxers and from climate change deniers to the Flat Earth Movement: it seems more difficult than ever to tell fact from fiction. Film and television may have taught us too well that the truth is never what it seems, and that mainstream media only exist to sell us illusions. What is the history of conspiracy theories in media culture? How did they move from the margins to the center of society? How can the rise of fake news, and its relationship with populism be explained? And what can we do to counter their rise?

Date: Thursday May 28th, from 8pm-9.00pm

Location Online (you will receive a link on May 28th)

Costs: Free of charge

Comment: The lecture will be taught in English

Dan Hassler-Forest has a background in film and television studies and English literature. He worked for several years as a lecturer in Media Studies and English Literature at the University of Amsterdam, where he defended his dissertation on the ideological and ideological aspects of superhero films after 9/11. He is an Assistant Professor at Utrecht University.

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