April 20, 2020

Post Corona Scenarios

Post Corona Scenarios:
From Geopolitics to AI


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How does the current corona crisis effect global order? Will the future be more confrontational or more cooperative? How does this crisis impact the strategy of countries and the instruments they use on the global stage? How will global trade be effected? 

We will address these questions by looking at two main drivers of change. The first is hegemonic shift. Many people describe a new Cold War between China and the U.S. Will this happen and what are the roles that other major players on the international stage play? Secondly, we will look at technological change. It seems the corona crisis is increasing our adoption of digital technology. What is next and what kind of challenges does this raise? Based on these two drivers of change we will look at scenarios for the future of globalization. In particular we will address the role of Europe in the emerging global order.

Date: Thursday July 9th 2020, from 8pm-9pm 

Location: Online (you will receive a link on July 9th) 

Costs: Free of charge 

Comment: The lecture will be taught in English 

Haroon Sheikh is a senior research fellow at the WRR and a philosopher at the VU. Haroon studied public administration, political science and philosophy in Leiden and Oxford. He obtained his PhD in philosophy. His supervisors included the German philosopher Peter Sloterdijk. He worked for investment firms Cyrte and Dasym and he was the head of Freedomlab ThinkTank, a cross-over hub generating advice and ideas on the impact of new technology and changing relationships in global power dynamics. Haroon is the author of The Rise of the East, Embedding Technopolis and Hydropolitics. He is a regular contributor to the NRC and the FD.

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